PSPDFKit Instant

Seamless collaboration for PSPDFKit-powered apps

Deploying Instant on your servers and integrating it with your PSPDFKit-powered apps seamlessly enables real-time syncing of annotations and PDF documents.

With just a few lines of code, Instant gives your users a massive productivity boost. We designed it from the ground up to work perfect with all our SDKs - learn more in our announcement blog post.

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What You Get

Improved User Experience

With changes being pushed in real-time, your users no longer need to wait for every team member to upload their changes or worry about whether they are viewing the latest version. They will always have the most current version of a document at their fingertips.

Complete Control Over Data

Hosting the server backend yourself means you always have complete control over your data and your users’ workflows.

How It Works

The Server Backend

Instant’s server backend is delivered in a Docker container for easy integration with your existing infrastructure. The server takes care of syncing the annotations and PDF files without you having to worry about it.

The Mobile and Web Frameworks

Enabling Instant is a simple matter of adding the framework to your PSPDFKit-powered app and pointing it at your server backend.

Use Cases


Efficiency in internal document workflows is the key to enhancing communication between teams and departments as well as project managers at your company. PSPDFKit Instant gives you the advanced sync technology you need to accelerate workflows like filling out forms, signing or reviewing reports, documenting meetings or any other type PDF document annotation.

Architects/Field Projects

Annotating on a large blueprint can be difficult, especially when changes need to be communicated quickly. Without PSPDFKit Instant, you would need to annotate, save the PDF, upload the PDF, wait for it to be downloaded, annotated and then re-uploaded. Now with Instant, annotations are stored if you are offline and synced automatically when you come online.


Integrating Instant in an educational application turns the annotation features of our frameworks into presentation tools. Any annotations or changes made by the teacher appear on every student’s device — a true real-time interactive learning tool.

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