2024.1 Migration Guide

This release introduces a major change to how PSPDFKit for Web is served from PSPDFKit Server, and it requires your attention.

Database Migrations

This release doesn’t include any database migration.

Notable Changes

Server Stops Shipping with the Web SDK Bundle

As of this version, Server will no longer be shipping with the Web SDK bundle.

In the past, you loaded the Web SDK by referencing its bootstrap script like so:

<script src="https://<pspdfkit_server_url>/pspdfkit.js"></script>

This will still work after the update, as Server now proxies these requests to an external Web SDK repository served under https://cdn.cloud.pspdfkit.com. However, there are limitations to this approach and it’s recommended to start serving the Web SDK yourself if:

  1. You can’t or don’t want to provide access to the Web SDK repository, as Server won’t be able to proxy the files.

  2. You wish to use a newer version of the Web SDK, since Server serves the latest version of the Web SDK at the time of the Server release, which might be older than the latest Web release.

How to Serve the Web SDK

There are multiple options for serving the Web SDK to your frontend, depending on your environment.

The simplest option is to add it to the static assets of your application. You can then refer to it the same as you refer to any other script:

<script src="https://<your_app_domain>/static/pspdfkit-web/pspdfkit.js"></script>

The Web SDK infers the actual Server URL from the base URL of the pspdfkit.js script tag. If you want to serve it from a different location than PSPDFKit Server, you’ll need to configure the serverUrl of your Server instance in the Web SDK configuration:

  serverUrl: "https://<your_server_instance>/"

Migrate PSPDFKit for Web

For information on PSPDFKit for Web migration, see PSPDFKit for Web 2024.1 Migration Guide.