2024.1 Migration Guide

PSPDFKit for Web 2024.1 introduces some new APIs and includes several bug fixes. To determine if you need to take action, check your implementation and refer to the information below.

Notable Changes

The following sections outline notable changes in PSPDFKit for Web 2024.1.

New Document Editor UI API Extension

With the extension of the DocumentEditorFooterItem and DocumentEditorToolbarItem models, it’s now possible to modify the operations manually applied in the document editor UI in the onPress() callback. However, the new onPress() callback signature has been slightly modified, and you may need to update your implementation, like so:

- onPress: (event: Event, id?: string) => void;
+ onPress: (event: Event, documentEditorUIHandler: PSPDFKit.DocumentEditorUIHandler, id?: string) => void;

The change is trivial: the optional id property will now be provided as a third argument instead of a second argument.

Migrate PSPDFKit Server

For information on PSPDFKit Server migration, see PSPDFKit Server 2024.1 Migration Guide.

For a full list of changes, check out the changelog.