2022.4 Migration Guide

This release introduces new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Support for Media Annotations

PSPDFKit Server now supports reading and deleting media annotations. This annotation type can store and embed videos and audio directly into a PDF and is also supported by our iOS and Android SDKs. You can now retrieve information about media annotations (pspdfkit/media), and you can also delete annotations using the annotations API. Please note that currently, media annotations are read-only, meaning they cannot be created or edited. If you’re interested in this feature, please contact us on support.

PSPDFKit Server will lazily extract media annotations from existing documents when they’re accessed for the first time after the upgrade to version 2022.4.0. This will have a small performance impact on first-time access of a document.

Database Migrations

This release doesn’t include any database migration.

Migrate PSPDFKit for Web

For more information, please take a look at the PSPDFKit for Web 2022.4 Migration Guide.