Thank you for considering PSPDFKit Document Engine. Licensing for PSPDFKit Document Engine operates on a subscription model, which takes several factors into account, such as the required components, whether our frontend SDKs will be integrated, the number of users leveraging the technology, and the number of documents being processed.

If you’re interested in licensing our product, please get in touch through our Contact Sales form. If you’re an existing customer, learn more about updating the license key for PSPDFKit Processor or PSPDFKit Server.


PSPDFKit Document Engine offers two types of licenses:

  • Online license

  • Offline license

Online License

Online licenses are available for some Document Engine deployments. When an online license is purchased, Document Engine pings the PSPDFKit Licensing Service to verify its license and download updated license information. It also sends anonymous usage analytics to the PSPDFKit Licensing Service. These analytics help us in diagnosing issues and improving the product.

Offline License

When an offline license is purchased, Document Engine does not ping the PSPDFKit Licensing Service, nor does it collect any analytics. Any updates to the license must be handled manually and the Document Engine instance restarted.

License Activation

Follow our product activation guide to learn how to activate your license.


When PSPDFKit Document Engine is purchased, it can only be used in the context of headless server-side processing. To use Document Engine with other PSPDFKit products, such as our frontend SDKs, these products must be licensed as well.

Component Selection

Components are the smallest licensable part of PSPDFKit, and they come with a set of unique features. When you license a component, you license the component’s entire feature set, regardless of if you use a single component feature or all of them. A full list of licensable components and their features can be found on our features list.

License Agreement

By downloading and evaluating the PSPDFKit SDK demo, you accept the terms of the evaluation license agreement.

To purchase PSPDFKit, a license contract needs to be signed with the company that owns the end product/app. We use DocuSign for a fast and secure digital signing experience. If you require a physical copy of a contract, we can accommodate this need as well. Licensing is done on a per-year basis. It is not possible to change this to a monthly license.

Agreement Modifications

Because PSPDFKit licenses technology to a large number of companies, we need to keep modifications to our contract to a minimum, as modifications incur additional management and reviewing overhead. The quote we send is based on the acceptance of our standard license agreement. We’re somewhat flexible; however, making changes to a contract will take more time and likely increase your cost. As we’re an Austria-based company, the place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria.

License Key Management

Customers set up Document Engine with an activation key that’s obtained from the PSPDFKit Portal. If an online license was purchased, Document Engine will ping the PSPDFKit Licensing Service to get any license updates, such as new components or expiration date updates. If an offline license was purchased, any updates to the license must be manually fetched from the PSPDFKit Portal, the new key installed, and the Document Engine instance restarted.

Updating Your PSPDFKit for Web License

You can safely update your license without updating to the newest PSPDFKit for Web version.