PSPDFKit Processor for Linux

On 13 February 2024, we introduced PSPDFKit Document Engine, which replaced our PSPDFKit Processor and PSPDFKit Server products.

All customers should upgrade from PSPDFKit Processor to PSPDFKit Document Engine and replace the PSPDFKit Processor license key with a new PSPDFKit Document Engine license key.

The existing PSPDFKit Processor product and license will continue to work. However, the product won’t receive updates as of version 2023.11.1.

What Is Document Engine?

Document Engine combines the capabilities of our PSPDFKit Processor and PSPDFKit Server products into one powerful platform. It works flawlessly as a headless service or alongside our existing frontend SDKs. It offers both self-hosted and PSPDFKit-hosted deployment options, along with reference architecture and guides designed to simplify the deployment process. Learn more about Document Engine.


Beginning on 13 February 2024, we’ll make some changes to how we license our PSPDFKit Processor product. This change doesn’t affect existing functionality, and customers still have access to all the same components they purchased with their existing PSPDFKit Processor subscription.

What Do You Need to Do?

There is no migration necessary for licenses at this point. Existing PSPDFKit Processor licenses will continue to work just like before, and you can continue using them with Document Engine without any problems.

We’ll be migrating all legacy licenses over the next few months. Once your license is migrated, you’ll receive additional information about the license update, along with an amendment to your agreement.

We plan to drop support for legacy licenses in Document Engine builds produced after 15 May 2024.

Our Customer Success team will reach out to customers to guide them through the migration. Our goal is to complete migrations to new licenses by 15 May 2024.

  • To try Document Engine, get started with a free trial.

  • To upgrade to Document Engine from Processor, refer to the migration guide.

  • To obtain a new Document Engine license key, log in to the PSPDFKit Portal.

Please contact our Support team or your Customer Success representative if you have any questions about these changes.