Multiple office file types being adapted to PDF

Cloud Office Server Convert, View, Annotate, and Generate MS Office Documents in Web Apps

Seamlessly import, convert to PDF, and edit Office files using PSPDFKit. Generate custom Word or PDF documents by auto-populating a DOCX template with your data.

How It Works

Start Using Office Files in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Use the PSPDFKit for Web SDK and Document Engine to programmatically convert an Office file to a PDF.

Step 2

View and use all our components as you would with any PDF.

Step 3

Save the PDF or share it with others.

Added Benefits

Boost Your Users’ Workflows

PSPDFKit converts Office documents to PDF, facilitates editing, and enables document generation — all in your app. Our SDK converts Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files into PDF/PDF-A, while also supporting document generation from DOCX templates.

Import these file types:

Word Files
PowerPoint Files
Excel Files
New Feature

Document Generation from DOCX Templates

Generate Word or PDF files by automatically populating DOCX templates with data. Just upload a DOCX file containing placeholders and loops. Then input your data in JSON format, and you’ll receive a completed document.

Documentation Learn how to easily get Office Files up and running in your project.
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