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Cloud Annotation Server 15+ Out-of-the-Box Annotations for Your App

With text highlighting, notes, drawing tools, or any of the many other annotation types supported by the PDF specification, our Annotations component gives your users the tools they need.

How It Works

The Cornerstone of Document Collaboration

With our annotation tools, we focused on ease of use so you can offer your users a document collaboration Swiss Army knife.


Import and Export Annotations from/to XFDF and Instant JSON

Extract annotation data from large volumes of PDF documents for exporting to a database. Optimize for speed and network traffic by transmitting only the user’s edited changes via XFDF or Instant JSON.

Use our proprietary Instant JSON format or XFDF to import and export large amounts of annotation data.

Permanently apply annotations by batch-flattening all changes to prevent further revision.

Extract user data from PDF form fields in XFDF.

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The Tools of the Trade

A robust annotation system with a set of easy-to-use tools will make your app the stalwart of document handling in any business environment.


The annotation toolbar enables quick access to all the annotation types in the PDF specification. It’s fully customizable, and it even supports predefined pen tool settings for seamless switching between visual annotation styles.



Note annotations let you add longer comments to PDF documents. You can also select a custom icon shape and color for the note through the custom note inspector.



With ink annotations, you can add predefined shapes and create freeform drawings on a PDF document. Color and line thickness are easily adjustable via the annotation inspector in the toolbar.



Add new rich text directly to the page, and take advantage of many convenient features, like automatic annotation sizing, rotating, grouping, custom font selection, justification, and more.



The context-sensitive annotation inspector provides fine-grained control over how annotations look — from border and fill colors, to opacity and font settings.


Basic Annotation Permissions

Secure your documents by setting specific controls on annotations, such as allowing users to view, edit, and lock down content.

Multiple Annotations Selection

Select or deselect multiple annotations simultaneously for batch manipulation with a user-friendly UI.

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