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PSPDFKit 2.3 for React Native Adds Toolbar Customization

We’re proud to announce that PSPDFKit 2.3 for React Native is now available! This release adds some new improvements — including bringing main toolbar customization with PSPDFKitView properties to Android.

Android Toolbar Menu Customization

Toolbar menu customization

PSPDFKit 2.3 for React Native brings the Toolbar menu item customization with PSPDFKitView properties that was previously available only on iOS over to Android. This replaces the previous Android API for customizing toolbar menu items with PSPDFKit configurations, continuing our path toward API unification that began in version 2.1. It means you can now customize toolbar menu items by setting a toolbarMenuItems property on PSPDFKitView. Check out the migration guide for details on how to update your code.

Handling Multiple Initializations

This release also adds the capability to handle errors that may occur when setting the license key. For example, you shouldn’t set the license key multiple times, even after reloading the React Native application. However, if this does occur in development, the exception can be caught with a Promise rejection.

Moving Forward with iOS

IOS 14

In preparation for the upcoming iOS 16 release, PSPDFKit 2.3 for React Native now requires iOS 14 or later.


This release also includes numerous changes from PSPDFKit 11.4 for iOS and PSPDFKit 8.2.1 for Android. Check out our changelog for a full list of changes.

If you’re interested in PSPDFKit for React Native, please contact our sales team. For a complete list of features, please visit our product page. We’d love to hear about your use case and discuss how to best implement it.

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