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PSPDFKit 5.2 for iOS

Improved Theming

Text and annotation selection now use tintColor, enabling easier theming by inheriting color from superviews. Selection color can be customized individually by setting tintColor on PSPDFTextSelectionView, PSPDFSelectionView and PSPDFResizableView.

Annotation User Experience Improvements

The annotation selection knobs work better now, especially backgrounds that would clash with the tintColor, and the object selection was also slightly tweaked—it now prioritizes objects that are not yet saved.

Selection Knobs

We also improved the shape guides (when drawing ovals and rectangles) and their snapping behaviour during resizing operations. Combined, these make for a much nicer user experience.

Selection Knobs

Color Presets

Color presets can now be reset to the default value through a long press of the preset button.

Reset Color Preset

App-Extension Ready

The SDK now only requires app-extension-safe API and automatically detects if in extension mode.


The PSPDFKit singleton now offers a hook to register your own logging handler - see the logHandler property. We also changed the logging levels; ExtraVerbose to just Verbose, and Verbose to Debug.

Page Layout and HUD Handling

We improved page layout and HUD handling in various configuration modes and fixed a number of subtle issues that were found in some less common combinations. This is something that customers with less common view hierarchy configurations will appreciate.

Binary Size

PSPDFKit now has a smaller binary size, see this article on the framework size, and its bitcode section, for more details.

More Under-The-Hood Changes

Our team also improved the rendering engine, which now requires less memory, and made improvements to the change notifications and saving functionality. We’ve made various performance and reliability improvements to the PDF processor, including a more efficient blank page detection. JSON export has been greatly improved.

This is just a rough overview of everything that happened since 5.1.0, as always you can have a look at our changelog for a more in-depth list of changes and fixes.

Important: Subscription License Validation

If you have a subscription license and ship PSPDFKit 5.1.0 - 5.1.4 for iOS or 2.0.0 - 2.1.0 for Android you should update to a newer version immediately.

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