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PSPDFKit for Web

Illustration: PSPDFKit for Web

It’s finally here, and it’s our last BIG release before 2017! Meet PSPDFKit for Web.

Ever since we started licensing our mobile frameworks, our customers have been asking for a version of PSPDFKit that runs in the browser. After working on it for more than a year, we’re excited to finally release it to the public.

PSPDFKit for Web is a drop-in solution for web apps enabling your users to view, edit and collaborate on PDF documents. We’ve worked to make it as simple as possible for PSPDFKit for Web to fit seamlessly into your website with easy deployment through Docker. With our extensive APIs and hooks you can customize the look and feel of PSPDFKit for Web, ensuring your users feel right at home.

Just like our mobile frameworks, PSPDFKit for Web comes with thorough documentation, examples illustrating how to integrate it, and a complete API reference.

You can try PSPDFKit for Web right here in your browser. Thanks to our beta testers, we’re confident that the same quality you’ve come to expect from PSPDFKit for iOS and Android is now available for your browser.

PSPDFKit Instant

PSPDFKit Instant

On the web, people expect annotations to be synchronized in real time. Today, we’re opening the public beta of PSPDFKit Instant to solve this problem as well.

Instant is a seamless collaboration platform that enables your users to annotate documents using PSPDFKit across iOS and their browser, simultaneously (Android coming in 2017). It’s designed to be fast, reliable, secure and easy to integrate.

Just like Apple’s push toward real-time collaboration, we know that it’s important for your users to be able to work with their teams quickly and efficiently.

Starting today, we’re inviting everyone to begin beta testing Instant. Interested? You can download the demo here.


This is just the beginning. In the coming months we’ll be adding support for more annotation types, signatures, forms and other common workflows.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead but are also looking forward to your feedback. Tell us what you like, dislike and where you think we should go next.

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