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PSPDFKit 4.1 for iOS

Version 4.1 features many detail improvements and we’ve updated everything to work well with the new iOS 8.1. Here are some of the highlights.

Natural Drawing

You’ll love this new default. Your drawings will look much more realistic, and are still fully backwards compatible to third-party apps.

Natural Drawing

Text Selection Tweaks

We now snap to full words by default. This can be disabled with the textSelectionShouldSnapToWords however we believe it’s a great new default and enhances the user experience.

Text Selection

Localization Pluralization

There are more languages than English, and PSPDFKit already supports 21 different ones. Starting with 4.1 we also have rules for advanced pluralization. Did you know that some languages have different plural words depending on 1, 2, 3 or multiple objects? We now correctly output that, which is especially nice when using search. (We use Apple’s stringsdict file format to define language plural rules.)

API Refinements

We’re working on reducing our singleton-use - this release already moves many objects to the new PSPDFKit object. We’ll continue to work on this in future releases. The gallery is now configurable via PSPDFGalleryConfiguration in PSPDFConfiguration, and the PSPDFSignatureStore is now a protocol which can be easily customized. We’ve also reviewed all headers to ensure everything can be called from a C++ context (this is option, we just make it easier if you use it). We’ve also adopted UIAlertController and wrote a new wrapper so things also work on iOS 7. Oh, and we made that one open source, so you can use it in your app logic as well!

Details, Details, Details

The inline search manager now automatically focuses the first search result. We also added a slight delay to make the search flow better and more visually pleasing. The gallery is now smarter and can resolve absolute paths on the device as well. Yosemite added a few new elements for annotation editing in Preview, and we improved our code so that the new “bended arrows” are displayed correctly. We’ve added a new PSPDFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager so that little spinning control now correctly updates while your gallery videos load. There are also many bug fixes and workarounds, especially for some UIKit issues Apple introduced in iOS 8.

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