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What You See Is What You Get

Experience page-based layout in rich text editing with our SDK, reminiscent of the familiar interfaces of Google Docs and MS Word, and complete with a robust feature set.

Import DOCX Files

Begin by importing a DOCX file as a foundation, or seamlessly integrate new, fully editable pages into existing PDF documents.

Visual Template Builder

With immutable areas and support for repeating rows, templated fields, and arbitrary blocks, you can enable your users to design reports, invoices, contracts, and all other kinds of documents.


Comprehensive Document Authoring Toolkit

Experience unmatched document creation and management with a web SDK that adapts to your workflow and goes beyond what's possible with other rich text libraries.

Browser-Independent Layout Engine

Our SDK's advanced page-based layout engine overcomes browser differences, ensuring documents look consistent across all browsers and retain their formatting when exported as PDFs.

True Word Processing

Experience advanced features like complex tables, floating images, headers/footers, and sophisticated numbering — far exceeding the capabilities of standard text areas and other rich text libraries.

Open File Format

Leverage our fully documented, backward-compatible JSON format and flexible API for easy integration and building on top of our library, ensuring maximum adaptability for your projects.