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MAUI PDF Comparison Quickly Compare, Highlight, and Identify PDF Changes

Optimized for technical drawings, our document comparison tools highlight even the tiniest changes.


See It in Action

Industries that require and regularly work with vector-based plans or designs will find the Document Comparison component particularly useful. It enables two single-page versions of a design to be overlaid, allowing the user to view minute changes or get an overview of the project.


PSPDFKit’s document tabs allow your users to easily switch between the old, new, and merged (comparison) documents.

How It Works

Visually Highlight the Differences

The Document Comparison component works by coloring two pages and laying them on top of each other to visually highlight the differences. It’s a quick and effective way to compare two versions of a document.

Step 1

Open the first document and specify a stroke color (e.g. blue).

Step 2

Open the second document and specify a contrasting stroke color (e.g. red).

Step 3

The new, merged document highlights the differences by blending both versions into one.


Enhanced Visibility for Graphical Document Comparison

Blend Modes

Recolor and layer PDF pages with different blend modes using the API.

Focus on Drawings

Color strokes in a document while leaving other elements, such as text or images, unchanged.

Overlay Documents

Visually overlay two or more documents by merging them into a single document.

Manual Document Alignment

Correct misaligned documents with precision. Place three anchor points on both documents for perfect alignment.

How It Works

Identify Textual Differences Effortlessly

Our textual Document Comparison component leverages PSPDFKit’s API to identify differences between PDF pages or text, character by character. While we provide the foundation for text comparison, builders are encouraged to design their custom solutions.

Step 1

Integrate with PSPDFKit’s Document Comparison API to initiate text difference detection between PDF pages.

Step 2

Receive detailed outputs with glyph coordinates, enabling precise identification of differing text segments.

Step 3

Use the provided glyph coordinates to develop your own highlighting mechanisms or any desired UI features.


Comparing Text in PDF Documents

Comprehensive Page and Text Comparison

Whether you’re comparing entire PDF pages or specific text portions, PSPDFKit efficiently detects discrepancies. Tailor your comparison approach to ensure precision, be it document-wide or section-specific.

Customizable Workflow Tools

Create your own workflows without relying on our UI. We present the essential tools, and not overwhelming features. Comparison sessions utilize structured layers, and comparisons are seamlessly executed through our user-friendly API.

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