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Flutter Instant Collaboration Enable Document Collaboration in Your Flutter App

Run your own document collaboration platform, optimized for seamless document updates, and sporting the powerful yet easy-to-use tools you know from our other products.


What You Get


PSPDFKit Instant deploys within your existing infrastructure — you retain complete control over your data.

Secure Authentication

Using industry-standard JWTs allows for easy integration with your existing authentication system.

Real-Time Collaboration

Sync document edits, text highlights, and annotations across Android, iOS, and web devices in real time.

A Smarter Sync

PSPDFKit Instant only syncs changes, allowing for a smooth experience — even when working with large PDF documents.

Easy Integration

PSPDFKit Server provides a straightforward JSON-based API to access and update annotations.

Flexible Deployment

Packaged as a Docker container, PSPDFKit Instant deploys to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or your in-house server infrastructure.

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Set Up

Go to Settings and then tap Try Instant.


Scan this QR Code:

Or enter this URL:



PSPDFKit Instant consists of two parts: the Server backend, and the client frameworks. The PSPDFKit Server backend manages authentication and synchronizes documents and annotations. The PSPDFKit Instant mobile and web frameworks integrate into your app and communicate with the Server backend.


Connect to PSPDFKit using our iOS, Android, and Web frameworks, along with the PSPDFKit plugin for Flutter. Enabling Instant is a simple matter of adding the framework to your app.

PSPDFKit Server runs within a Docker container and provides a JSON-based API for easy integration with your existing infrastructure. It handles syncing documents and annotations automatically.

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Documentation Learn how to easily get Instant up and running in your project.
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