Document with multiple comments

Comments and Replies View and Respond to Comments Directly in Documents

Easily start and participate in conversations with PSPDFKit’s proprietary real-time comment collaboration, or choose PDF-native comments and replies for improved asynchronous collaboration.

How It Works

Real-Time and Standard Comments and Replies

Engage in document discussions with a sleek, user-friendly interface for viewing and adding comments.


Enhancing Communication in Document-Centric Discussions

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Freely Placed Comments

Allow users to add comments anywhere on a page or associate them with text highlights. Enable attaching comments and replies to text, as well as annotations like drawings, images, and links.

A Friendly UI

PSPDFKit Comments and Replies uses an easy-to-follow thread view with a familiar styling.

Excellent Compatibility

PSPDFKit comments are stored as PDF replies on export. This means that any PDF reader that supports annotation replies will also be able to show comments made with PSPDFKit.

Documentation Learn how to easily get Comments and Replies up and running in your project.

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