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PDF-to-Office SDK Convert PDFs into Editable Office Files

Enhance your applications with the ability to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats using our .NET SDK. This feature is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms, offering broad accessibility and integration capabilities.


Key Office Format Support — And Beyond

Convert PDF to Word (DOCX)

Experience hassle-free conversions that keep original styling and layout intact, making your documents ready for immediate use or additional editing.

Convert PDF to Excel (XLSX)

Enjoy precise conversions, including paragraph splitting, original font usage, cell fill color setting, and converting multiple PDF pages into individual XLSX sheets.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint (PPTX)

Transform your PDFs into engaging PowerPoint presentations while preserving the layout and formatting.

Convert 100+ File Formats

The .NET SDK converts more than 100 formats into PDF, enabling further conversion into Office files. This capability extends to email, PowerPoint, TIFF, ODT, RTF, and PostScript files.

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How It Works

Seamless Conversion from PDF to Office Formats

Streamlined File Conversion Process

The .NET SDK allows for easy saving of documents, either as computer files or as data streams within your application. Just ensure that your file or data stream remains open during the conversion process.

Simple Setup and Usage

To use the converter, create a GdPictureDocumentConverter object in your application and load your document. It directly supports PDF conversion to Office formats, and for non-PDF files, you can first convert them to PDF.

Excel Conversion

The .NET SDK converts PDF text to Excel cells — maintaining fonts, colors, and layouts — and accurately captures images and shapes. However, it doesn’t group shapes or render graphs as-is, instead showing them as images, and it cannot automatically translate PDF mathematical expressions into Excel formulas.

For Developers

Cross-Platform Support and Development Flexibility

OS Compatibility

The GdPicture.NET assembly supports a range of operating systems, including Windows desktop and server editions, Linux on ARM and X64, and macOS on ARM and X64 platforms.

Development Flexibility

A unified .NET codebase in GdPicture.NET allows developers to package and publish applications across various supported operating systems, enhancing reach and versatility.

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