PDF Viewer Supported Fonts

PSPDFKit for Web can support any font that’s embedded in a PDF document. When the font isn’t embedded in the PDF, PSPDFKit for Web Standalone employs a font substitution mechanism to find an alternative system font.

On Standalone mode of PSPDFKit for Web, you can also configure it to fetch font assets to use when rendering documents. Note that a font that includes all characters is usually more than 200 MB in size. That’s tough for a web browser. For an optimized experience when using custom fonts, we recommend PSPDFKit for Web Server-Backed, as it includes built-in custom font path support.

  • Font substitution — Provides you with granular control to replace the fonts used to create text annotations and entered text in form fields.

  • Dynamic font loading — Dynamically downloads the required font when it’s needed, including fonts for most non-Latin languages. This is ideal for scenarios where you don’t know which fonts will be needed before opening a PDF, or when users may be editing PDF content using non-Latin text.

  • Custom fonts — Downloads predefined fonts before the PDF viewer starts. This is ideal for scenarios where you know which fonts will be needed before opening a PDF.

Built-In Custom Font Support in Web Server-Backed

PSPDFKit for Web Server-Backed comes with hundreds of fonts preloaded, with the option to add any additional custom fonts you may need. Since Web Server-Backed handles document rendering on the server instead of directly on the web client, users don’t need to download any external font assets when loading documents that use these fonts, which significantly increases performance, along with rendering fidelity. Learn more about Web Server-Backed.

Here’s a list of Web Server-Backed’s preloaded font collections:

  • Alef

  • Amiri

  • Anton

  • Archivo_Black

  • Arimo

  • Bitstream-Charter

  • Caladea

  • Carlito

  • CascadiaCode

  • CascadiaMono

  • Comic_Neue

  • Courier_Prime

  • David_Libre

  • EB_Garamond

  • Fascinate

  • Felipa

  • Frank_Ruhl_Libre

  • GentiumBasic_1102

  • GentiumPlus-6.200

  • Libre_Baskerville

  • Lobster

  • Miriam_Libre

  • NanumGothic

  • Noto_Kufi_Arabic

  • Noto_Naskh_Arabic

  • Noto_Sans

  • Noto_Sans_Arabic

  • Noto_Sans_KR

  • Noto_Sans_Mono

  • Noto_Sans_SC

  • Noto_Serif

  • Noto_Serif_KR

  • Noto_Serif_SC

  • Noto_Serif_TC

  • Oswald

  • Roboto_Mono

  • Varela_Round

  • dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.37

  • liberation-fonts-ttf-2.1.5