Customizing an Existing Annotation Tool in Our Viewer Toolbar

It’s possible to customize the following properties of built-in items:

  • title

  • className

  • disabled

  • onPress

In the example below, we add a custom onPress handler to the first item of the ink annotation toolbar:

  // ...otherOptions
  annotationToolbarItems: (
    { defaultAnnotationToolbarItems }
  ) => {
    if (annotation instanceof PSPDFKit.Annotations.InkAnnotation) {
      defaultAnnotationToolbarItems[0].onPress = () =>
        alert("Custom onPress handler!");

      return defaultAnnotationToolbarItems;

    return defaultAnnotationToolbarItems;

Please see the [API Reference][] to learn more about each individual property.

When you set onPress, it’s added to the parent of the built-in annotation toolbar item.