Customizing the Electronic Signature UI

The Electronic Signatures UI can be customized to fit your needs.

You can customize aspects such as which signature creation modes are available and in which order, and what signing fonts to offer when creating signatures by typing.

These options are set via the PSPDFKit.Configuration#electronicSignatures configuration option, which accepts an object with two possible properties: creationModes and fonts.

Setting Available Signature Creation Modes

creationModes accepts an array of PSPDFKit.ElectronicSignatureCreationMode members. Based on these entries, the UI will display the tabs specified in the array, respecting the order in which they were added. It defaults to PSPDFKit.defaultElectronicSignatureCreationModes.

Here’s an example offering Type, followed by Image, as signature creation modes:

	electronicSignatures: {
		creationModes: [