PSPDFKit Server Nightlies

In certain circumstances, our support team might ask you to try a nightly build to see if a fix we built for you works. When running nightlies, keep the following in mind:

  • Nightlies should never be used in production. While they still undergo automated testing, they don’t have the same strict QA as our full releases.

  • There’s no support for migrations in any direction. Since nightlies are cut from our master branch, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be compatible with the next scheduled release, nor is there any guarantee that you can downgrade to the current version. Always run nightlies against a fresh DB and only use test data.

Using Nightlies

To use nightlies, you need both the PSPDFKit for Web and PSPDFKit Server nightlies.

PSPDFKit for Web

PSPDFKit for Web can be added to your project directly from our nightly tarball:

// npm
npm install --save

// yarn
yarn add

PSPDFKit Server

The PSPDFKit Server Docker image is provided as a tarball you can download and add to your local image registry:

curl -L -o pspdfkit-nightly.tar
docker load < pspdfkit-nightly.tar

The final output should read:

Loaded image: pspdfkit/pspdfkit:nightly

You can now start PSPDFKit Server as usual after replacing pspdfkit/pspdfkit:latest or similar in your docker-compose.yml with pspdfkit/pspdfkit:nightly:

version: '3.8'

  image: pspdfkit/pspdfkit:nightly