2023.2 Migration Guide

PSPDFKit Server 2023.2 introduces several notable changes. To determine if you need to take action, check your implementation and the information below.

Removing Deprecated Endpoints

The following previously deprecated endpoints have been removed in this version of PSPDFKit Server:

  • GET /api/document has been removed. Use GET /api/documents/:document_id/pdf instead.

  • POST /api/document has been removed. Use POST /api/documents instead.

  • The original parameter in GET /api/documents/:document_id/ has been removed. Use the source parameter instead.

To learn more about these endpoints, refer to our documentation.

New Directory for Temporary Files

Server now stores temporary files at /srv/pspdfkit/assets/tmp instead of the default /tmp directory. Any ephemeral (external) storage that was previously mounted on /tmp should be mounted at /srv/pspdfkit/assets/tmp as well.

Database Migrations

There are no database migrations for this release.

Dropping IE11 Support for Server’s Dashboard

You can no longer run Server’s dashboard on IE11 after upgrading to this version.

Migrating PSPDFKit for Web

For more information on how to upgrade the Web SDK, see the PSPDFKit for Web 2023.2 Migration Guide.