2021.6 Migration Guide

This release introduces a revamped asset storage migration process. It’s also packed with performance and stability improvements.

Revamped Asset Storage Backend Migrations

We improved the asset storage backend migrations to be more suitable for deployments with a large number of documents and users. You can now run migrations on a live system, interrupt them at any point and resume later, and inspect the number of documents stored in the old and new storage backend from the PSPDFKit Server dashboard. Check out the details in the updated asset storage backend migration guide.

Database Migrations

This release includes a single database migration. You should always upgrade PSPDFKit Server one node at a time, but this is especially important to do when the upgrade includes database migrations.

The migration adds a new column to the pdfs and attachments tables. This will temporarily block any reads and writes to these tables. Adding columns to existing tables is usually a very brief process, so you shouldn’t experience performance issues because of it. In our tests, on tables with 1.5 million rows, the migration held a lock on each table for about 2.5 ms.

The migration is run inside a transaction, so if it fails or you interrupt it, you can safely retry it.

If you experience any problems with migrations during the upgrade, please submit a support request.

Other Changes

This release includes many more improvements. For a full list of changes, check out the Server changelog.

Migrate PSPDFKit for Web

For more information, please take a look at the PSPDFKit for Web 2021.6 Migration Guide.