2020.4 Migration Guide

This release introduces support for both OCR and running operations on document upload.


With PSPDFKit Server 2020.4, we introduced the new performOcr document operation. When performOcr is passed in as a document operation, PSPDFKit Server will try to extract text from the selected pages of a given document. The resulting PDF will have its page text updated to include the text from images in the PDF. This allows you to create selectable text in scanned documents or pictures of text.

Running Operations on Document Upload

You can now also apply document operations when uploading. Read here to see how to apply operations.

PSPDFKit Server will apply operations and then store the resulting file, even for documents from a URL. The resulting file with applied operations will then be the original file for a given document. This could lead to higher storage use than would normally be expected when using remote documents.

Other Changes

For a full list of changes, check out the Server changelog.