2018.6 Migration Guide

PSPDFKit for Web 2018.6 introduced support for stamp annotations with predefined stamps and added a new bookmark sidebar.

Notable Changes

  • Previous versions of PSPDFKit Server saved assets for stamp annotations, but these are no longer needed. To delete these unused assets from the asset storage, the cleanup API endpoint POST api/cleanup can be used:


    $ curl http://localhost:5000/api/cleanup \
      -X POST \
      -H "Authorization: Token token=<secret token>" \


    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    content-length: 2
    cache-control: max-age=0, private, must-revalidate

Migrate PSPDFKit for Web

For more information, please take a look at the PSPDFKit for Web 2018.6 Migration Guide.

For a full list of changes, check out the changelog.