Generate a PDF with a PDF Form using JavaScript

With PSPDFKit, you can generate PDF files from a PDF form.

Filling PDF Form Fields Programmatically Using JavaScript

PSPDFKit for Web offers multiple options for filling form fields programmatically, each with a different set of tradeoffs.

  • Server-Backed — For persisting, restoring, and synchronizing the form field values across multiple devices without needing to build it yourself.

  • XFDF — For exporting to or importing from other readers.

  • Instant JSON — For the most efficient way to export or import changes made.

  • Manual API — For full control over extracting and saving the values of forms.

For more information on filling PDF form fields programmatically, see our guide.

Flattening Form Fields Using JavaScript

The process of flattening form fields consists of rendering them over the background of a page with their current value and removing their data from the document.

For more information on flattening form fields, see our guide.