Open PDF Files in Microsoft Teams

PSPDFKit for Teams supports opening PDF files in a tab app, which is based on SharePoint Online web parts (see our guide on how to get started with a SharePoint Online web part).

Once the SharePoint Online web part has been set up, tab apps can be added to Teams channels by including a TeamsTab in the supportedHosts property of the web part manifest. You can find the manifest file under the ./src/webparts/**/**.manifest.json file:

// src/webparts/PSPDFKit/PSPDFKitWebPart.manifest.json
"supportedHosts": ["SharePointWebPart", "TeamsTab"],

Once added to the web part manifest, the PSPDFKit tab app can be added to the channel.

add tabs

Once the web part has been added to the channel, click the tab and go to the Settings option. Then click Select Document and choose any PDF file you want to display in the tab app.