2021.3 Migration Guide for Web | PSPDFKit

PSPDFKit for Web 2021.3 renames a series of APIs that contained “ink signature” as part of their names in favor of more generic “signature” definitions:

  • The PSPDFKit.Configuration#populateInkSignatures option was renamed to PSPDFKit.Configuration#populateStoredSignatures.

  • The PSPDFKit.Instance#getInkSignatures method was renamed to PSPDFKit.Instance#getStoredSignatures.

  • The PSPDFKit.Instance#setInkSignatures method was renamed to PSPDFKit.Instance#setStoredSignatures.

  • The PSPDFKit.InteractionMode.INK_SIGNATURE value was renamed to PSPDFKit.InteractionMode.SIGNATURE.

  • The inkSignatures.create, inkSignatures.update, inkSignatures.delete, and inkSignatures.change events were renamed to storedSignatures.create, storedSignatures.update, storedSignatures.delete, and storedSignatures.change.

  • The ink-signature toolbar item, which was part of PSPDFKit.defaultToolbarItems, was renamed to signature.

All of the former APIs will keep working as expected, but a warning will be logged into the console when used. Please migrate to the new names since the deprecated ones will be removed as part of the next major release.

Signature APIs that previously only supported ink annotations now also support image annotations:

  • PSPDFKit.Configuration#populateStoredSignatures and PSPDFKit.Instance#setStoredSignatures now also support using PSPDFKit.Annotation.ImageAnnotation instances, along with PSPDFKit.Annotation.InkAnnotation ones. They’ll also be presented on the signature picking UI.

  • PSPDFKit.Instance#getStoredSignatures can return PSPDFKit.Annotation.ImageAnnotation instances in addition to PSPDFKit.Annotation.InkAnnotation ones.

  • The storedSignatures.create, storedSignatures.update, and storedSignatures.delete events can return PSPDFKit.Annotation.ImageAnnotationinstances in addition to PSPDFKit.Annotation.InkAnnotation ones.

For a full list of changes, check out the changelog.

Migrate PSPDFKit Server

If you use PSPDFKit Server, please make sure you read the 2021.3 Server Migration Guide.