2020.2 Migration Guide

PSPDFKit for Web 2020.2 comes with a few improvements that might require an ad hoc migration.

Notable Changes

  • The Configuration#pdf configuration option for PSPDFKit for Web Standalone is deprecated.

With the introduction of Image Documents, the web Standalone Configuration#pdf option has been deprecated in favor of Configuration#document. As we are simply renaming the option, the behavior for PDFs remains the same, and no additional changes are required. The old option will be removed in 2020.3.

Please see the API documentation for more details.

  • Properties deprecated in 2020.1 have been removed:

    • PSPDFKit.I18n#localeData — This property stopped working in 2020.1, and a deprecation warning was shown when used. The warning will no longer be shown, and the property is removed, so it will just return undefined if accessed. Please refer to the 2020.1 Migration Guide for details on how to migrate from this property.

    • PSPDFKit.Annotations.RectangleAnnotation#cloudyBorderInsetRect and PSPDFKit.Annotations.EllipseAnnotation#cloudyBorderInsetRect could still be used after 2020.1 with a warning. These properties will no longer work, they will return undefined if accessed, and no warning will be shown. Please refer to the 2020.1 Migration Guide and the API documentation on PSPDFKit.Annotations.RectangleAnnotation#cloudyBorderInset and PSPDFKit.Annotations.EllipseAnnotation#cloudyBorderInset for details on how to migrate from these properties.

If you use PSPDFKit Server, please make sure you read the 2020.2 Migration Guide.

For a full list of changes, check out the changelog.