2019.1 Migration Guide

PSPDFKit for Web 2019.1 comes with a few improvements that might require an ad hoc migration.

Notable Changes

  • We changed the default font families of the viewer to include more system fonts. If you’ve overridden the default font stack, we recommend you check your integration to make sure this change doesn’t overrule yours.

  • We added a default padding to the annotation tooltip items. The padding is added to every ToolItem except the ones that define a node property.

  • We added a cloudy border intensity field to polygon, rectangle, and ellipse annotation models.

  • We renamed TextFormField’s doNotSpellcheck field to doNotSpellCheck.

  • We exposed the default values of annotation models to PSPDFKit.defaultAnnotationPresets. Default annotation presets, including variant presets, will now be prefilled with the default values of an annotation type. If you were relying on the default annotation presets being empty at load time, please check if you need to update your code to account for this change.

  • When creating an ink annotation, any change made to the ink annotation properties will result in a new ink annotation being created. This means that if you are creating an ink annotation using the UI and you change any of its properties — for example, its color — then PSPDFKit will store the current annotation and create a new one with only the new properties. This will happen each time a property is changed while creating an ink annotation — even if the settings are changed back to the original — so it can result in the creation of multiple annotations.

  • A new default annotation preset variant for ink signature annotations has been added. If you were relying on the preset positions in the defaultAnnotationPresets array, please check if you need to update your code to account for this change. The new annotation preset ID is named ink-signature.

If you use PSPDFKit Server, please make sure you read the 2019.1 Server Migration Guide.

For a full list of changes, check out the changelog.