Creating Link Annotations with Text

It might happen that you’ve created a link annotation but it’s empty and you want to set the text. Link annotations don’t actually include the text that’s shown; rather, they should be overlaid on top of existing annotations to perform specific actions when clicked (link annotations themselves are invisible).

If you want to create a regular text link, create a link annotation that has the same bounding box as an existing text annotation you created, like so:

const uriAction = new PSPDFKit.Actions.URIAction({
  uri: ""

const linkAnnotation = new PSPDFKit.Annotations.LinkAnnotation({
  pageIndex: existingTextAnnotation.pageIndex,
  boundingBox: existingTextAnnotation.boundingBox,
  action: uriAction


Link annotations can also be used for other annotation and action types. Refer to the the API docs for more information.