PHP PDF Form Library

PSPDFKit for Web is a JavaScript library for filling, reading, creating, and editing PDF AcroForms. It is fully compatible with PHP and offers developers an API for programmatic access to PDF form objects, as well as a beautiful UI for form filling in any PHP-based web app.

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PSPDFKit SDKs are deployed in some of the world’s most popular applications, such as those made by Autodesk, Disney, UBS, Dropbox, IBM, and Lufthansa.

Key Capabilities

  • Fill forms — With the UI or programmatically

  • Capture form data — Export, submit, or embed into the PDF

  • Form creator — Drag & drop fields to turn PDFs into fillable forms

  • Creation — APIs to generate forms and fields from scratch

  • Appearance — Style colors, backgrounds, borders, and widths

  • Validation — Execute JavaScript to validate form data

  • Form events — Trigger workflows or automations

  • Extendable — Add signing, annotation, editing, and more

Guides for Forms

What Are Forms?
Learn about the basics of PDF forms

Supported Form Fields
Learn about the types of form fields supported by PSPDFKit

Form Data Formats
Learn about using external files to manage form data

Programmatic Form Fill
Learn the different approaches to programmatically filling form fields

Import Form Data Using Server-Backed
How to import form data using Server-Backed

Import Form Data from Instant JSON Files
How to import form data from Instant JSON files

Import Form Data from XFDF Files
How to import form data from XFDF files

Import Form Data from a Database
How to import form data from a database

Fill Form Fields by Using the UI
Learn how end users can fill form fields with the built-in UI

Attach a File to a PDF
How to attach a file to a PDF as an image annotation

Add an Image to a PDF
How to add an image to a PDF as an image annotation

Detect User Form Field Input
How to subscribe to form events to detect form field input

Form Field Permissions
How to configure form fill permissions

Extract Form Data
How to extract form field values present in a PDF document

Read Form Fields
How to read all form objects present in a PDF document

Submit or Save Form Data Using Server-Backed
How to submit or save form data using Server-Backed

Submit or Save Form Data to an External Source
How to submit or save form data to an external source

Embed Form Data into a PDF
How to embed form data into a PDF document

Auto Save Forms
How to configure the way forms are automatically saved

Create a Fillable Form
How to programmatically create a fillable PDF form

Add a Signature Field
How to add a signature form field to a PDF document

Edit Form Fields
How to update a form field or widget annotation

Remove Form Fields
How to remove a form field from a PDF document

Form Creator
How to build an app where fields can be dragged & dropped onto a PDF

Form Field Flags
How to configure form behavior and capabilities

Flatten Forms
How to flatten forms and burn them into the PDF

PDF Actions Support
Learn about the PDF actions supported by PSPDFKit

JavaScript Validation
How to validate form field values using JavaScript

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