PSPDFKit 7.6 Migration Guide

This guide tells you how to update an iOS project from PSPDFKit 7.0–7.5 to PSPDFKit 7.6.

PSPDFKit 7.6 for iOS fully supports iOS 10 and 11. Additionally, Xcode 9.4 is required to use this version of the SDK. Learn more in our version support guide.

Custom Page Templates

In PSPDFKit 7.6 for iOS, you can now customize the set of templates that PSPDFNewPageViewController offers on the picker via the new PSPDFPageTemplate API.

The page templates can be updated via the pageTemplates property on PSPDFDocumentEditorConfiguration. Then you can instantiate a PSPDFNewPageViewController with that configuration. If you wish to make your custom set of templates available globally, you can update the page templates list on a PSPDFDocumentEditorConfiguration and then assign that configuration to -[PSPDFConfiguration documentEditorConfiguration].

There are two common ways to create a custom template:


Creating a tiled pattern page template requires the source document to be exported correctly. This means that the source PDF needs to contain a pattern itself. If a PSPDFPageTemplate is instantiated using the tiled pattern initializer and the source document does not contain a pattern, the rendering will fail silently.

Check out DocumentEditorCustomTemplatesExample.swift in the Catalog app to see PSPDFPageTemplate in action, and refer to our custom page templates guide to learn more about implementing this functionality in your app.

Builder Pattern for PSPDFDocumentEditorConfiguration

We also made PSPDFDocumentEditorConfiguration use the builder pattern that we use throughout the rest of the SDK to provide a more cohesive API. This is a breaking change, which means you’ll see compilation errors when you try to build your app with version 7.6 of the SDK.

If you have a reference to a PSPDFDocumentEditorConfiguration object and need to update it, before you would’ve done this:

self.documentEditorConfiguration.selectedCompression = selectedCompression
self.documentEditorConfiguration.selectedCompression = selectedCompression;

Now you should use the builder helper to update the entire editor configuration:

self.editorConfiguration = editorConfiguration.configurationUpdated { builder in
	builder.selectedCompression = selectedCompression
self.documentEditorConfiguration = [self.documentEditorConfiguration configurationUpdatedWithBuilder:^(PSPDFDocumentEditorConfigurationBuilder * _Nonnull builder) {
	builder.selectedCompression = selectedCompression;

Customizing Document-Saving Options

PSPDFViewControllerDelegate now offers two new methods that let you hook into the autosaving mechanism of PSPDFDocument.

  • -pdfViewController:shouldSaveDocument:withOptions: asks the PSPDFViewController delegate if the document should be saved. The options parameter is an inout parameter that can be updated to customize the options the document is going to be saved with.

  • -pdfViewController:didSaveDocument:error: lets the PSPDFViewController delegate know that the saving operation either succeeded or failed.

PSPDFProcessor Revamp

The PSPDFProcessor API has been revamped to offer more flexibility and control over what’s going on when requesting PDF processing. The class-level methods have been deprecated, and instance-level methods have been introduced, along with a new API for canceling document processing.

A new PSPDFProcessorDelegate protocol has also been introduced. Objects that conform through this new delegate are able to receive progress updates from PSPDFProcessorInstances, in addition to being notified about processing completion or failure.

For instance, previously, you would’ve requested a PDF via PSPDFProcessor like this:

try PSPDFProcessor.generatePDF(from: processorConfiguration, securityOptions: nil, outputFileURL: temporaryDocumentUR, progressBlock: progressBlock)
[PSPDFProcessor generatePDFFromConfiguration:processorConfiguration securityOptions:nil outputFileURL:temporaryDocumentURL progressBlock:progressBlock error:&error];

Now you need to create a PSPDFProcessor instance with a configuration and a set of security options and request a file write:

let processor = PSPDFProcessor(configuration: processorConfiguration, securityOptions: nil)
processor.delegate = self // Required to track processing progress/completion status.
try processor.write(toFileURL: temporaryDocumentURL)
PSPDFProcessor *processor =  [[PSPDFProcessor alloc] initWithConfiguration:processorConfiguration securityOptions:nil];
processor.delegate = self; // Required to track processing progress/completion status.
[processor writeToFileURL:temporaryDocumentURL error:&error];

Finally, the PSPDFPageRenderer protocol was also deprecated.

The newly deprecated API will be removed from the SDK in a future release.