Measure Distance and Area in a PDF on iOS

PSPDFKit for iOS enables you to accurately measure distance and area in a PDF. You can use a known or calibrated page-to-real-world scale.

Key Capabilities

  • Measure distance — Measure the distance between two or more points on a PDF page.

  • Measure area — Measure the area inside a custom-drawn polygon, rectangle, or ellipse.

  • Calibrate scale — Calibrate the scale of a page using a known distance.

  • Snap to page — Snap measurement drawings to the graphics on a page for accurate measurements.

Guides for Measurements

Measure Distance
Measure the length of a straight line or multiple connected lines programmatically or using the built-in UI

Measure Area
Measure the surface of an area programmatically or using the built-in UI

Configure Measurements
Configure the scale and precision of measurements programmatically or using the built-in UI

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