How Do I Download PSPDFKit as Fat Frameworks?


Fat frameworks are a legacy distribution option that rely on iOS devices and Simulator using different processor architectures. Using fat frameworks leads to undefined behavior when running on Simulator on Apple silicon Macs and can cause crashes because the ARM64 slice isn’t compiled for a simulator. XCFrameworks are Apple’s solution to this problem. See our Getting Started guide to learn how to integrate PSPDFKit using XCFrameworks.

If your project uses the Legacy Build System, it doesn’t support XCFrameworks, which presents a problem when trying to download PSPDFKit as fat frameworks.

We bundle XCFrameworks in the DMG because they work great for most setups in most projects. However, we also offer fat .frameworks for Carthage. If you’re using this dependency manager, then fat .frameworks will automatically be used.


We recommend migrating from Carthage to Swift Package Manager.

If you’re using manual integration and your project requires fat .frameworks, you can manually download them.