Generating PDF Reports

With PSPDFKit, you can use templates to create a PDF report completely on a mobile device, without requiring an internet connection. This is useful in business intelligence and can potentially amend applications such as Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services.

Generating PDF Documents

With a combination of the document editor features and annotations, PSPDFKit can create professional reports based on a template. Your template can include custom cover pages and a final page - with the Document Editor you can freely assemble such a document.

Adding Text and Images

Text can be added via adding free text annotations, images can be added via using stamp annotations. Please refer to the Programmatically Creating Annotations article for details.

Adding PDF Pages/Content into Existing PDF Pages

Stamp annotations allow allow to embed and freely place/scale PDF pages into other PDF pages. Refer to the Appearance Streams article for details.

Adding Form Elements

PSPDFKit allows you to add/remove/modify interactive form elements, to allow user-input or even requesting a signature. This includes text input, radio buttons and checkboxes. Please refer to the Form Creation article for details.

Securing Your PDF Document

PSPDFKit allows you to secure the document against further changes by adding a password. Refer to Creating a Password-Protected Document for details.