Extract Data from PDFs and Images Using C#

Extract content and data from PDF documents and images using C#. With our data extraction library, you can easily integrate a wide set of extraction capabilities into your application or workflow: Extract text, images, key values, table and form data, optical marks (OMR), MRZ data, and more. Leverage AI, ML, and adaptive layout understanding to accurately extract information from unstructured or semi-structured documents. Explore our guides and C# code samples to learn how you can quickly integrate data extraction into your application.

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PSPDFKit SDKs are deployed in some of the world’s most popular applications, such as those made by Autodesk, Disney, UBS, Dropbox, IBM, and Lufthansa.

Key Capabilities

  • Powered by AI and ML — 15+ years of continuous improvements in accuracy

  • Key-value pairs — Extract key values like phone numbers, IBANs, credit cards, and more

  • PDF tables — Extract structured table data from financial reports

  • Form data — Extract form field information and values

  • OMR — Extract marks from multiple choice questions, questionnaires, surveys, and more

  • MRZ — Extract and process information from passports, IDs, driver’s licenses, and more

  • MICR — Extract and process information from checks

  • Text and images — Extract from unstructured and semi-structured documents and images

  • Metadata — Extract EXIF and IPTC metadata

Guides for Key-Value Pair Extraction

Key-Value Pair Overview
Learn about our key-value pair technology

How Key-Value Pair Extraction Works
Learn how to use our key-value pair engine

Data Model
Learn about the data model behind the extraction technology

Confidence Score
Learn about how confidence scores are determined

Data Types
Learn about the automatically detected data types

Extract Data from Bank Statements
Learn how to extract data from bank statements

Extract Data from Tables
Learn how to extract data from tables

Extract Data from Invoices
Learn how to extract data from invoices

Introduction to OMR
Learn about optical mark recognition

Build a Custom Template
Learn how to build a template for OMR

Extract Optical Marks
Learn how to extract optical marks from a document

MRZ Overview
Learn about our machine-readable zone (MRZ) technology

Extract File Attachments
Learn how to extract file attachments from documents

Extract Image Metadata
Learn how to extract metadata from images

Extract EXIF Data
Learn how to extract EXIF data from images

Extract IPTC Data
Learn how to extract IPTC data from images