Built-In Dashboard

PSPDFKit Document Engine comes with an optional built-in dashboard that makes it easier to both see what’s going on in your production installation and improve your developer experience.

It’s available at /dashboard. If you’re testing PSPDFKit Document Engine locally, follow the directions for setting up PSPDFKit Document Engine and access the dashboard at http://localhost:5000/dashboard. You can configure the required HTTP credentials in docker-compose.yml.

PSPDFKit Document Engine Dashboard

Use Cases

The dashboard enables you to quickly:

  • Inspect the runtime environment

  • Create new documents (useful while integrating PSPDFKit for Web into your application)

  • Access a link to our current documentation and guides

  • Validate your generated JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)

For interacting with the Document Engine programmatically, you can use the backend API.


The dashboard is secured using HTTP authentication. You can modify the username and password via the environment variables configured in your docker-compose.yml file:



Disabling the Dashboard

To disable the dashboard, leave the DASHBOARD_USERNAME and DASHBOARD_PASSWORD environment variables blank, or don’t set them.