PSPDFKit 8.7 Migration Guide

This guide provides the necessary steps for migrating from PSPDFKit 8 for Android to PSPDFKit 8.7 for Android.


Before updating to PSPDFKit 8.7 for Android, make sure your app is running at least PSPDFKit 8 for Android. If you’re running an earlier version, see our previous migration guides first, which will guide you through the necessary update steps up to version 8.7.

Upgrading PSPDFKit

Inside your app/build.gradle file, update the version of the com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit dependency to 8.7.0:

dependencies {
-   implementation 'com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit:8.6.0'
+   implementation 'com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit:8.7.0'

Upgrading OCR Dependencies

If your project also integrates the PSPDFKit OCR Library, make sure to upgrade the version of all OCR dependencies too:

dependencies {
-   implementation 'com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit-ocr:8.6.0'
-   implementation 'com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit-ocr-english:8.6.0'
+   implementation 'com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit-ocr:8.7.0'
+   implementation 'com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit-ocr-english:8.7.0'

Content Editing

PSPDFKit 8.7 for Android adds the Content Editor component. It’s enabled by default, but if you’re using a custom layout, have Content Editor in your license, and want to use the Content Editor, you need to add ContentEditingStylingBar to your layout:





Otherwise, you need to disable Content Editor in your configuration. If you’re not using a custom layout, you don’t need to do anything to enable Content Editor.