PSPDFKit 3 Migration Guide

This article provides a set of guidelines to migrate from version 2.x to version 3.0 of PSPDFKit for Android. It also highlights the biggest changes and features introduced in this milestone version.


We’ve simplified the way to initialize the PSPDFKit framework by removing the license key from configuration files and passing it through the bundle to the fragment. Instead of having to pass the license key as part of PdfConfiguration or PdfActivityConfiguration, the framework will now be initialized automatically by reading the license key from your AndroidManifest.xml file.

To migrate from previous solution, add a <meta-data android:name="pspdfkit_license_key"> tag to your AndroidManifest.xml file and change PSPDFActivityConfiguration.Builder to PdfActivityConfiguration.Builder without the license key parameter:




The framework will then run the initialization process for you before the applications starts. If you still want to do it manually with PSPDFKit.initialize(), you’re free to do so — just omit the <meta-data> tag. However, due to changed configuration objects, you must call the initialization method before using PSPDFKit calls if you do not want to use the <meta-data> approach.

Read more about initialization in the Integrating PSPDFKit guide.

Renamed Classes

We dropped the PSPDF prefix from all our classes to be more in line with standard Android and Java APIs. We also changed capitalization to be in line with standard Android APIs — as such, PSPDFDocument became PdfDocument, PSDPDFActivity is now PdfActivity, PSPDFFragment is now PdfFragment, etc. All other classes have been renamed in similar way. The full list can be found at the end of this guide.

Updated Dependencies

We’ve updated RxJava to 2.0.8 and RxAndroid to 2.0.1. All public-facing methods are now using the new RxJava 2 types of Observable, Flowable, Single, and Completable. RxJava 2.0 is more performant and brings future proofing as a benefit. For a comprehensive overview of the changes in RxJava 2, please have a look at the official RxJava 2 documentation.

If you’re using the recommended Maven repository approach to add PSPDFKit to your project, you don’t have to do anything — the dependency will be updated automatically.

If you’re not using our Maven repository, make sure you update dependencies to the new version:

implementation 'io.reactivex.rxjava2:rxjava:2.0.8'
    implementation 'io.reactivex.rxjava2:rxandroid:2.0.1'

If you must translate PSPDFKit RxJava 2.0 calls into RxJava 1.0-compatible calls, you can use the RxJava2Interop library.

New Activity Initialization

Starting PdfActivity is now encouraged through the use of the new PdfActivityIntentBuilder class, which replaces the old PSPDFActivity.IntentBuilder class. Most of the static PSPDFActivity#showDocument() calls — with the exception of two of the most used ones — have been removed in favor of using the intent builder.


val intent = PdfActivityIntentBuilder.fromUri(context, documentUri)

final Intent intent = PdfActivityIntentBuilder.fromUri(context, documentUri)


See our PdfActivity guide for more details.

Opening Documents

We’ve moved PSPDFKit.openDocument calls to the PdfDocument class:

// Old call.
val document = PSPDFKit.openDocument(context, documentUri);

// New call.
val document = PdfDocument.openDocument(context, documentUri);
// Old call.
PSPDFDocument document = PSPDFKit.openDocument(context, documentUri);

// New call.
PdfDocument document = PdfDocument.openDocument(context, documentUri);

PSPDFKit.invalidatePageCache and PSPDFKit.invalidateDocumentCache have also moved to a more natural location inside the PdfDocument class. They are now named PdfDocument#invalidateCache() and PdfDocument#invalidateCacheForPage(pageIndex).

List of Renamed Classes

  • PSPDFActivityPdfActivity

  • PSPDFDocumentPdfDocument

  • PSPDFFragmentPdfFragment

    • convertViewRectToPDFRect()convertViewRectToPdfRect()

    • convertPDFRectToViewRect()convertPdfRectToViewRect()

    • convertViewPointToPDFPoint()convertViewPointToPdfPoint()

    • convertPDFPointToViewPoint()convertPdfPointToViewPoint()

    • getVisiblePDFRect()getVisiblePdfRect()

  • PSPDFPreferencesPSPDFKitPreferences

  • PSPDFDocumentMetadataDocumentMetadata

  • PDFVersionPdfVersion

  • PSPDFTextBlockTextBlock

  • PSPDFLibraryPdfLibrary

  • PSPDFAnnotationManagerAnnotationManager

  • PSPDFProcessorPdfProcessor

  • PSPDFProcessorTaskPdfProcessorTask

  • PSPDFProcesorExceptionPdfProcessorException

  • PSPDFSearchOptionsSearchOptions

  • PSPDFSearchResultSearchResult

  • PSPDFTextSearchTextSearch

  • PSPDFExceptionPSPDFKitException

  • PSPDFNotInitializedExceptionPSPDFKitNotInitializedException

  • PSPDFInitializationFailedExceptionInitializationFailedException

  • PSPDFInvalidLayoutExceptionInvalidLayoutException

  • PSPDFInvalidLayoutExceptionInvalidLayoutException

  • PSPDFInvalidPasswordExceptionInvalidPasswordException

  • PSPDFInvalidSignatureExceptionInvalidSignatureException

  • PSPDFMissingDependencyExceptionMissingDependencyException

  • PSPDFYouTubeActivityPdfYouTubeActivity

  • PSPDFDrawableManagerPdfDrawableManager

  • PSPDFDrawableProviderPdfDrawableProvider

  • PSPDFDrawablePdfDrawable

  • PSPDFOutlineViewPdfOutlineView

  • PSPDFThumbnailBarPdfThumbnailBar

  • PSPDFThumbnailGridPdfThumbnailGrid

  • PSPDFSearchViewPdfSearchView

  • PSPDFViewsPSPDFKitViews

  • PdfActivity#getPSPDFViews()PdfActivity#getPSPDFKitViews()

  • PDFUtilsPdfUtils

    • createPDFRectUnion()createPdfRectUnion()

  • PagePDFPagePdf

  • PDFBoxPdfBox

  • URIActionUriAction

  • HUDViewModeHudViewMode

  • PSPDFDocumentEditorPdfDocumentEditor

  • PSPDFDocumentEditorListenerPdfDocumentEditorListener

  • PSPDFDocumentEditorListenerCallbacksPdfDocumentEditorListenerCallbacks