Class PdfConfiguration

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    public abstract class PdfConfiguration
     implements Parcelable

    Configuration for the core of PSPDFKit rendering engine. To create the configuration use the Builder.

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      • isFirstPageAlwaysSingle

         abstract boolean isFirstPageAlwaysSingle()

        Whether the first page should always be displayed as a single or not, false by default.


        true to always display the first page as a single (standalone) even in double page mode, false otherwise.

      • showGapBetweenPages

         abstract boolean showGapBetweenPages()

        Whether to show gap between pages in double page mode or not. Defaults to false.


        true to show the gap between pages, false to join them together.

      • isScrollbarsEnabled

         abstract boolean isScrollbarsEnabled()

        If the default document scrollbars should be enabled (defaults to true).


        true if the scrollbars are enabled, otherwise false.

      • getBackgroundColor

        @ColorInt() abstract int getBackgroundColor()

        Document paper color (white is default).


        Default paper color for the document.

      • getMemoryCacheSize

         abstract int getMemoryCacheSize()

        Size of the memory cache (defaults to 1/4 of the available heap size).


        Memory cache size.

      • isInvertColors

         abstract boolean isInvertColors()

        If the page colors should be inverted (defaults to false).


        true is page color will be inverted, false otherwise.

      • isToGrayscale

         abstract boolean isToGrayscale()

        Should the page colors be converted to grayscale (defaults to false).


        true is page color will be converted to grayscale, false otherwise.

      • getStartZoomScale

         abstract float getStartZoomScale()

        The scale at which the document should start.


        Initial zoom scale of the document.

      • getMaxZoomScale

         abstract float getMaxZoomScale()

        Maximum zoom scale in the document.


        Maximum zoom scale at which the document can be zoomed.

      • shouldZoomOutBounce

         abstract boolean shouldZoomOutBounce()

        Should the zoom out below the minimum zoom have a bounce-back effect on a page.


        true if the document should bounce when zooming out below the minimum zoom, false otherwise.

      • isTextSelectionEnabled

         abstract boolean isTextSelectionEnabled()

        If text selection (programmatically and via long-press) is enabled (defaults to true).


        true if text selection on the document is enabled, false otherwise.

      • isFormEditingEnabled

         abstract boolean isFormEditingEnabled()

        Indicates whether the form editing is enabled or not.


        true if form editing functionality should be enabled.

      • isAutoSelectNextFormElementEnabled

         abstract boolean isAutoSelectNextFormElementEnabled()

        Indicates whether the auto select next form element functionality is enabled or not (defaults to false).


        true if auto select next form element functionality should be enabled.

      • isFormElementDateAndTimePickerEnabled

         abstract boolean isFormElementDateAndTimePickerEnabled()

        Indicates whether the date and time pickers should be enabled for according form elements (defaults to true)


        true if date and time pickers should be enabled for form elements

      • isAnnotationEditingEnabled

         abstract boolean isAnnotationEditingEnabled()

        Indicates whether the annotation editing is enabled or not.


        true if annotation editing functionality should be enabled.

      • isAnnotationRotationEnabled

         abstract boolean isAnnotationRotationEnabled()

        Indicates whether the annotation rotation is enabled or not.


        true if annotation rotation functionality should be enabled.

      • isContentEditingEnabled

         abstract boolean isContentEditingEnabled()

        Indicates whether the content editing is enabled or not.


        true if content editing functionality should be enabled.

      • isMeasurementsEnabled

         abstract boolean isMeasurementsEnabled()

        Indicates whether the measurement tools are enabled or not.


        true if measurement tools should be enabled.

      • isAnnotationLimitedToPageBounds

         abstract boolean isAnnotationLimitedToPageBounds()

        Indicates whether the annotations are limited to the page bounds.


        true if annotations cannot be moved outside the page.

      • getEditableAnnotationTypes

        @NonNull() abstract List<AnnotationType> getEditableAnnotationTypes()

        Returns a list of annotation types that should be editable.


        List of annotation types that should be editable. Note that empty list here means "All annotations are editable."

      • getEnabledAnnotationTools

         abstract List<AnnotationTool> getEnabledAnnotationTools()

        Returns a list of annotation tools that should be enabled.


        List of enabled annotation tools. Note that empty list here means that all annotation tools are enabled.

      • getSelectedAnnotationResizeEnabled

         abstract boolean getSelectedAnnotationResizeEnabled()

        Indicates whether the selected annotation resizing is enabled or not.


        true if resizing of selected annotations is enabled, otherwise false.

      • getSelectedAnnotationResizeGuidesEnabled

         abstract boolean getSelectedAnnotationResizeGuidesEnabled()

        Indicates whether the annotation selection resize guide lines are enabled or not. Defaults to true.


        true if resize guide lines are enabled, otherwise false

      • getSelectedAnnotationFontScalingOnResizeEnabled

         abstract boolean getSelectedAnnotationFontScalingOnResizeEnabled()

        Indicates whether the font scaling when resizing Freetext annotations with the bottom right handle is enabled. Defaults to true.


        true if resize guide lines are enabled, otherwise false

      • getResizeGuideSnapAllowance

        @FloatRange(from = 0.0) abstract float getResizeGuideSnapAllowance()

        Defines aggressiveness of snapping to guide lines.


        How many pixels around guide will snap to guide when resizing. Defaults to 30f.

      • getGuideLineIntervals

        @Size(min = 2, multiple = 2) abstract List<Float> getGuideLineIntervals()

        Defines guide line on/off intervals sizes. Must have an even number of entries (>=2). Even indices are specifying the "on" intervals, the odd indices specifying the "off" intervals. "On" intervals specify length of the line dashes, "Off" specify length of the line gaps.


        List of ON and OFF distances.

      • isAnnotationInspectorEnabled

         abstract boolean isAnnotationInspectorEnabled()

        Indicates whether the annotation creation and editing inspectors are enabled.


        true when annotation property inspector is enabled.

      • getExcludedAnnotationTypes

        @NonNull() abstract ArrayList<AnnotationType> getExcludedAnnotationTypes()

        Returns a list of annotation types that will be excluded from rendering.


        List of annotation types that will be excluded from rendering. Empty list means "All annotations are rendered."

      • isAutosaveEnabled

         abstract boolean isAutosaveEnabled()

        Whether document autosave is enabled.


        true if autosave is enabled, false otherwise.

      • getPagePadding

         abstract int getPagePadding()

        The padding between pages (defaults to 16dp).


        Padding between pages in dp.

      • isVideoPlaybackEnabled

         abstract boolean isVideoPlaybackEnabled()

        Whether video playback is enabled in document.


        true if video playback is enabled false otherwise (defaults to false).

      • isPlayingMultipleMediaInstancesEnabled

         abstract boolean isPlayingMultipleMediaInstancesEnabled()

        Whether playing multiple media instances is enabled or not.


        true to enable multiple media instances, false to always use a single one.

      • isLastViewedPageRestorationEnabled

         abstract boolean isLastViewedPageRestorationEnabled()

        Whether restoration of the last viewed page when reopening a document is enabled or not. If true, the last viewed page will be restored when opening the document a second time. If false, the document will be opened at page index 0. Defaults to true.

      • isAutomaticLinkGenerationEnabled

         abstract boolean isAutomaticLinkGenerationEnabled()

        Whether we automatically generating link annotations for links in the document text is enabled or not. If true we will automatically parse the text and generate clickable links for all URLs and eMail addresses in the document text. Defaults to false.

      • isCopyPasteEnabled

         abstract boolean isCopyPasteEnabled()

        Whether copy and paste operations are enabled for annotations. If true we will show copy and cut actions in the editing annotation toolbar. Defaults to true.


        true if copy/paste is enabled, false otherwise.

      • isUndoEnabled

         abstract boolean isUndoEnabled()

        Whether undoing edits is enabled. If true we will show undo actions in the toolbar. Defaults to true.


        true if undo is enabled, false otherwise.

      • isRedoEnabled

         abstract boolean isRedoEnabled()

        Whether redoing undone edits is enabled. If true we will show redo actions in the toolbar. Defaults to true,


        true if redo is enabled, false otherwise.

      • isMultithreadedRenderingEnabled

         abstract boolean isMultithreadedRenderingEnabled()

        Controls whether multithreaded rendering is enabled, defaults to true.


        true when multithreaded rendering is enabled, false otherwise.

      • getDefaultSigner

        @Nullable() abstract String getDefaultSigner()

        Default signer used when signing a documents.


        Default signer identification string, or null if there's no default signer.

      • getSignatureCreationModes

        @NonNull()@Size(min = 1, max = 3) abstract List<SignatureCreationMode> getSignatureCreationModes()

        The ways in which the user can choose to add their signature. These are shown in the order specified as tabs across the top of the signatures UI. The first entry will be selected initially. If this array contains a single entry then the tabs will be hidden. This array must not be empty and must not contain duplicates.


        Returns the configured signature creation modes.

      • getSignatureAppearance

        @Nullable() abstract SignatureAppearance getSignatureAppearance()

        Defines the appearance of the digital signature that is added after digitally signing a document. The signature appearance to use or null to use the default appearance.

      • isNoteAnnotationNoZoomHandlingEnabled

         abstract boolean isNoteAnnotationNoZoomHandlingEnabled()

        Whether handling for NOZOOM flag for note annotations is enabled.

        Note: Note annotations are always displayed as if NOZOOM flag was set by default - i.e. they won't scale with page.


        true if note annotations should respect missing NOZOOM flag and should scale with page when it's not set. false to prevent note annotations scaling with page.

      • isJavaScriptEnabled

         abstract boolean isJavaScriptEnabled()

        Controls whether JavaScript processing is enabled. Defaults to true.

        Note: Processing JavaScript can be slow for documents with a large number of document providers or scripts. Disabling in most cases will not have any negative effects.


        true if JavaScript is processing is enabled.

      • isTextSelectionPopupToolbarEnabled

         abstract boolean isTextSelectionPopupToolbarEnabled()

        Whether the text selection popup toolbar is enabled or not. If disabled and used by some com.pspdfkit.ui.PdfActivity, the activity will fall back to using the old text selection toolbar.


        true is text selection popup toolbar is enabled, false otherwise.

      • isAnnotationPopupToolbarEnabled

         abstract boolean isAnnotationPopupToolbarEnabled()

        Whether the annotation popup toolbar is enabled or not. This appears when you long press a selected annotation


        true if enabled, false if disabled.

      • allowMultipleBookmarksPerPage

         abstract boolean allowMultipleBookmarksPerPage()

        Indicates whether multiple bookmarks per page can be added or not, defaults to false. If disabled only one bookmark will be allowed to be added per page, otherwise multiple bookmarks can be added.

      • scrollOnEdgeTapEnabled

         abstract boolean scrollOnEdgeTapEnabled()

        Indicates whether tapping on the page edge causes the page to scroll. Defaults to true enabling navigating the document by tapping the page edges.

      • animateScrollOnEdgeTaps

         abstract boolean animateScrollOnEdgeTaps()

        Indicates whether page changes triggered by tapping the page edge cause an animation. Defaults to false disabling page change animations when changing the page by tapping the page edge.

      • scrollOnEdgeTapMargin

         abstract int scrollOnEdgeTapMargin()

        The margin in DP in which taps on the page edge trigger page navigation. Defaults to 24dp.

      • isMagnifierEnabled

         abstract boolean isMagnifierEnabled()

        Indicates whether the magnifier is shown when: - The text selection handles are touched. - The measurement annotations are created. Defaults to true.

      • showSignHereOverlay

         abstract boolean showSignHereOverlay()

        Indicates whether the sign here overlay is shown on signature form fields. Defaults to true.

      • showNoteEditorForNewNoteAnnotations

         abstract boolean showNoteEditorForNewNoteAnnotations()

        Indicates whether the NoteEditor should be shown automatically when creating new note. Defaults to true.

      • enableStylusOnDetection

         abstract boolean enableStylusOnDetection()

        Indicates whether we should automatically detect the stylus. Enabling this will automatically disable all other inputs once we detect stylus use. Enabling this will also allow for swiping between pages with the finger during annotating and automatically turn on the "Use stylus for annotating" switch, if it is off. Disabling this setting allows for drawing with both the stylus and the finger but prevents swiping with the finger during annotating unless the "Use stylus for annotating" setting switch in the document has been manually turned on. Defaults to true