Microsoft Xamarin

Developers can use Xamarin to write native iOS and Android apps with a shared C# codebase. We provide separate bindings for iOS and Android, as they are different SDKs and have an API that closely matches the underlying system.

PSPDFKit as Xamarin PDF SDK

PSPDFKit for Android

We offer bindings for PSPDFKit for Android and regularly update them to be compatible with new releases. A recent version of Visual Studio for macOS or Windows is required. See the project README for details.

Xamarin Forms

Xamarin Forms does not support embedding Fragments, however you can show a new Activity, so fullscreen PDF display is possible. See the provided XamarinForms example for further details.

Xamarin.Forms does not allow highjacking the ContentPage, so by default only fullscreen presentation is allowed. With the new Xamarin.Forms embedding, you can take any ContentPage and add it to your native applications. This technique is also showcased by our PSPDFCatalog example app.

Open a PDF

Opening a PDF with PSPDFKit for Xamarin is as simple as this:

var pspdfkitConfiguration = new PdfActivityConfiguration.Builder (ApplicationContext)
	.PageMode (PSPDFPageMode.Single)
	.PageTransition (PSPDFPageTransition.ScrollContinuous)
	.ScrollDirection (PSPDFScrollDirection.Vertical)

PdfActivity.ShowDocument (this, docUri, pspdfkitConfiguration);