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Testimonial: How ACTO Uses PSPDFKit to Improve Learning Outcomes for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Companies

Obren Jankovic
Illustration: Testimonial: How ACTO Uses PSPDFKit to Improve Learning Outcomes for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Companies

Founded in 2015, ACTO is a software company that provides a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for life sciences companies. The company platform helps customers create, deliver, and track training and education programs for their sales, marketing, and commercial teams.

It’s a valuable tool for life sciences companies that offers:

  • A user friendly interface that makes it easy to create and manage training programs.

  • A variety of content types to develop training programs — including videos, articles, quizzes, and simulations.

  • A robust reporting system that provides insights into how learners interact with training programs.

  • A mobile app that allows learners to access training programs on their smartphones and tablets.

ACTO’s cloud-based SaaS platform is easy to use, flexible, and scalable, so as to meet the needs of different learners. It includes micro-learning, sales enablement, video coaching, and live events.

Life sciences companies that use ACTO include Pfizer, Novartis, and AstraZeneca.

“Our mission is to help biopharmaceutical and medical device companies improve patient outcomes as they introduce therapies to market,” said Kumar Erramilli, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ACTO.

ACTO uses PSPDFKit to:

  • Support PDF documents as viewable and editable on its platform.

  • Add annotations to PDFs, making them more searchable.

  • Allow customers to use fillable fields in PDFs and submit information.

Interview with Kumar Erramilli, Co-Founder and CTO of ACTO

The Challenge

ACTO faced several challenges in delivering an efficient and feature-rich education platform. Customers wanted the ability to collaborate, annotate, and fill in PDF forms, all within the platform. Before using PSPDFKit, ACTO’s customers had to use separate tools to achieve this, which was inefficient and time-consuming, and the default PDF viewers embedded within ACTO’s existing platform couldn’t meet these needs.

The Solution

ACTO evaluated potential providers based on cost, contract length, and flexibility. The company also considered the ease of implementation and the engineering muscle provided by potential partners, and PSPDFKit stood out in these aspects. The company chose PSPDFKit because of its robust and flexible features, which allowed ACTO to achieve customer requests like embedding PDFs, annotating, searching, and filling fields.

“One of the key advantages of PSPDFKit is its ease of implementation. Its lightweight JavaScript code enabled swift integration into our platform without adding a heavy burden to our codebase,“ added Erramilli.

The Results

PSPDFKit provides the flexibility to customize and create packages for ACTO’s customers. Better still, integrating PSPDFKit into its technology gave ACTO the opportunity to upsell services and generate additional revenue.

“Partnering with PSPDFKit proved to be more cost-effective than developing and maintaining these features in-house. So from a build vs. buy decision standpoint, it definitely is more cost-efficient for us to partner with PSPDFKit,“ Erramilli said.

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