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RoadOne Transforms Imaging Efficiency with Seamless Integration of GdPicture.NET

Toni Buffa
Illustration: RoadOne Transforms Imaging Efficiency with Seamless Integration of GdPicture.NET

Not only is GdPicture.NET a useful tool for capturing images, it’s a business-critical tool.

Theo Townsend
— Director of Software Development Projects at RoadOne

Use Case

RoadOne aimed to streamline its imaging processes and modernize its software infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency and support business expansion.

The Challenges

  • RoadOne faced significant challenges with the administration and maintenance of licensing systems, leading to inefficiencies and frustrations among developers.
  • The company struggled with the inability to standardize image formats, particularly in transitioning from TIFF to JPEG, resulting in compatibility issues and inefficiencies in managing image data.
  • RoadOne encountered uncertainty and complexity in modernizing legacy code, hindering efforts to improve software performance and scalability.

The Solutions

  • RoadOne successfully transitioned from the cumbersome LeadTools to GdPicture.NET, empowering developers with a more efficient and streamlined imaging solution. By seamlessly integrating GdPicture.NET, the company was able to eliminate licensing hassles and enhance development processes.
  • RoadOne confidently standardized image formats by implementing JPEG and other formats alongside its existing TIFF infrastructure. This solution enabled seamless compatibility across systems and applications, ensuring efficient management of image data.
  • RoadOne confidently modernized legacy code by migrating to C# and newer development environments. This successful transition empowered the company to improve software performance, scalability, and maintainability, overcoming uncertainties associated with legacy systems.

The Results

  • RoadOne now accomplishes licensing administration more efficiently, saving hours per quarter in licensing-related tasks.
  • With standardized image formats, RoadOne is able to seamlessly manage image data, reducing compatibility issues and saving time per image processing task.
  • The modernization of legacy code with C# has enabled RoadOne to enhance software performance and scalability, resulting in faster task execution and improved development efficiency.

RoadOne is “North America’s premier full-service intermodal transportation and related logistics company.” Since its inception in 2000, it has evolved from a merger of regional trucking companies to its current status as a national logistics powerhouse. Theo Townsend, Director of Software Development Projects at RoadOne, spoke about his experience with PSPDFKit and how it was able to transform RoadOne’s processes.

Townsend articulated the central dilemma confronting RoadOne: the critical need for a software solution to efficiently manage the complex logistical operations inherent in the transportation of goods. Recognizing the imperative to streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer service, Townsend spearheaded the development of in-house software tailored precisely to RoadOne’s unique requirements.

RoadOne’s Challenges and the Discovery of PSPDFKit

Use Case Background

RoadOne, a leading logistics company, relied heavily on manual paperwork for billing processes, causing inefficiencies and delays in financial operations. Each customer had unique document requirements, leading to complexities in managing billing documentation and configurations. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) prioritized reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) to enhance financial leverage and operational efficiency. With a lean development team, RoadOne struggled to find a streamlined solution to modernize its imaging and billing processes.


  1. Cumbersome Billing Paperwork — RoadOne faced challenges with manual billing processes, involving printing, stuffing, and mailing invoices from a centralized office, leading to time-consuming and error-prone operations.

  2. Complex Document Requirements — Each customer had specific document preferences, requiring meticulous configuration and management, which added layers of complexity to the billing process and increased the likelihood of errors.

  3. Inefficient Imaging Software — The existing imaging software, LeadTools, posed significant challenges with licensing administration and maintenance, hindering development efficiency and scalability. It demanded extensive administrative efforts and failed to align with RoadOne’s evolving technological needs.

Initial Benefits

RoadOne discovered the solution to its challenges with imaging and billing processes through the introduction of GdPicture.NET. Recognizing the limitations and inefficiencies of LeadTools, the company made the decision to replace it with a more user-friendly and scalable imaging solution. GdPicture.NET offers seamless integration, alleviating the burden of licensing administration and empowering developers with a streamlined toolset for modernizing legacy code and enhancing software performance. This solution not only addressed the immediate challenges at RoadOne, but it also aligned with the company’s long-term objectives of reducing DSO and optimizing operational efficiency. After speaking with the PSPDFKit team, Townsend shared that PSPDFKit “sounds like a perfect use case for RoadOne.”

How PSPDFKit’s Image Assembly Tools Elevated RoadOne’s Processes

Implementing PSPDFKit solutions involved collaboration between both companies. RoadOne’s internal teams — including developers, testers, and support staff — played a crucial role in integrating PSPDFKit’s products into its environment. On PSPDFKit’s side, the development and implementation teams worked closely with RoadOne to ensure a smooth transition and successful deployment of the solutions.

PSPDFKit products addressed challenges at RoadOne in several key areas:

1. Image Assembly and Reference Information — PSPDFKit’s solution facilitated the assembly of images for transmission, including the burning of reference information across the top of each image. This feature allowed RoadOne to easily identify and reference internal numbers and relevant data associated with each document.

2. Accessibility and Collaboration — With the implementation of PSPDFKit’s solution, RoadOne experienced improved accessibility to the imaging tool across multiple locations. The deployment of a new installation enabled more developers to access the tool, enhancing collaboration and productivity within development teams.

3. Streamlined Development Processes — PSPDFKit’s solution streamlined development processes for RoadOne’s developers. By providing a user-friendly toolset, developers no longer needed to navigate complex workflows or spend excessive time learning new functionalities. Instead, they could focus on utilizing the tool effectively to address specific business needs.

One notable aspect of the implementation process was the enthusiasm and appreciation from RoadOne’s team. According to Townsend, “every developer doesn’t have to learn how to do everything; they just need to know how to use the tool.” This sentiment reflects the positive reception and ease of adoption experienced by RoadOne’s development team during the implementation of PSPDFKit’s solutions.

This collaborative effort between RoadOne and PSPDFKit ensured a seamless integration of PSPDFKit’s products into RoadOne’s environment, empowering the company to overcome its challenges and optimize its imaging processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

“It’s a solid piece of software, and we don’t have troubles with it. You’re not going anywhere. I know I can get good support. Thing is rock solid.”

— Theo Townsend

How RoadOne’s Drivers Benefited from PSPDFKit’s Imaging Solution

RoadOne has experienced significant benefits from the results of implementing PSPDFKit solutions, both in terms of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the increased use of GdPicture.NET imaging solutions, especially from drivers capturing images on their phones, RoadOne’s indexers now have greater control over image quality. By developing presets and providing a unified tool for image management, RoadOne has streamlined its processes, making life easier for its teams and enhancing overall productivity.

Also, RoadOne has quantifiably benefited from the automation of billing paperwork processes. By implementing GdPicture.NET imaging software, billing paperwork is now automatically processed at 12:01 a.m. When this workflow triggers at 12:01, it retrieves and processes all necessary images for billing approved the previous day. This automated process has not only saved significant time and effort, but it has also ensured accuracy and reliability in billing operations.

The impact of these results extends beyond RoadOne’s internal operations to its customers’ experiences. With improved image quality control and streamlined billing processes, RoadOne can provide a more efficient and reliable service to its customers. Customers benefit from faster response times, accurate billing, and overall improved service quality, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Fast and Efficient Invoicing

The automated billing paperwork process has significantly reduced processing time, allowing for quicker invoicing and improved efficiency.

High Customer Satisfaction

RoadOne has observed a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction, attributed to faster response times and more streamlined billing processes.

Tackling More Projects

Implementation of GdPicture.NET imaging software has led to tangible time savings for RoadOne’s team, enabling the company to focus on other critical projects.


With PSPDFKit’s support, RoadOne was able to solve the challenge of legacy code and outdated imaging applications, transitioning smoothly to a more modern and efficient system. Moving forward, RoadOne aims to expand its agent business by implementing a total web application, allowing for easier order management and image attachment. This transformation signifies RoadOne’s commitment to embracing technological advancements and ensuring compatibility across all applications, ultimately preparing the company for future growth and success in the industry.

Toni Buffa Marketing Coordinator, Integrify

Toni is creative, driven, and always curious to learn. She’s worked in marketing since graduating from Missouri State University in 2020 (go Bears!). She lives in Denver and loves hiking, attending concerts at Red Rocks, and traveling.

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