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Case Study: How Trinoor Uses PSPDFKit to Drive Operational Excellence with Flexible, Mobile Applications for the Energy and Utilities Market

Illustration: Case Study: How Trinoor Uses PSPDFKit to Drive Operational Excellence with Flexible, Mobile Applications for the Energy and Utilities Market

Founded in 2008, Trinoor is a company that brings together innovation, technology, and industry experience to deliver superior software solutions to energy, utilities, and capital asset industries worldwide.

Trinoor’s mission is to support the digital transformation and modernize IT solutions by eliminating paper-based processes, in turn driving efficiency, enhancing the end user experience, and increasing performance. The company achieves this by providing its customers with process-driven mobile apps and workflows to drive operational excellence.

Trinoor’s solution, TAShelix, uses an innovative no-code platform to define and deliver native mobile apps and enterprise workflows for work and asset management, the supply chain, engineering, safety, and compliance. PSPDFKit is incorporated into the TAShelix solution to manage electronic documents, markups, and annotation, with secure access to control the packaging and completion of work packages and documents.

What used to take months and years to deliver through traditional development can now be done in weeks to provide scalable enterprise mobile apps and workflows to the user community.

The results are improved end user satisfaction, increased return on investment, and overall improvement in IT services.

The Business Challenge

Nuclear power is one of the cornerstones of eliminating carbon emissions and achieving net-zero goals worldwide. Delivering secure, quality, sustainable, digital, modern solutions is critical in achieving these objectives.

To meet the demand for scalable, flexible, and secure enterprise solutions for the nuclear industry, Trinoor offers purpose-built, process-based, proven mobile apps and workflows for handling digital work packages, asset maintenance, supply chain, and electronic document management.

However, the main challenge in serving the nuclear industry is that safety must come first, and any oversight or mistake can be extremely expensive.

“In the nuclear power industry, if there’s one day of work when a plant isn’t producing electricity, it costs about one million dollars,” said Maggie Berg, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Trinoor. As such, digital solutions for the nuclear industry must meet the high standards for quality, security, and performance, which helps ensure power plants keep running.

The Challenge — Every Lost Day of Work Costs a Million Dollars

“Direct costs associated with refueling outages can exceed $1,000,000 per day, so efficiencies and best practices in IT solutions are critical.”

Maggie Berg
— Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Trinoor

The Ask

As new equipment or elements of a site need to be constructed or energized, the teams working on them use a document called a work package. This is a set of documents that contains all the instructions, plans, drawings, and steps nuclear plant technicians and planners need to take to complete their work.

In the past, all work packages were paper-based. This meant technicians had to carry massive three-ring binders, which were cumbersome, time-consuming to update, and highly inefficient. Additionally, it was difficult to keep track of changes made to controlled documents, which could lead to safety and compliance issues.

As companies transition from paper-based processes to modern, digitalized solutions, the challenge is how to manage complex work packages with electronic documents on mobile devices. Many complex workflows incorporate processes and procedures, smart forms, or other types of documents that need to be marked up, annotated, and incorporated into a unified solution.

The Solution

To solve this challenge for the nuclear worker, Trinoor developed TAShelix digital work order packages, which can run on any type of device, in connected or disconnected mode. To manage electronic documents, drawings, forms, and other PDFs, Trinoor incorporated PSPDFKit technology in TAShelix digital work order packages. This enables users to manage the mark up, annotation, appending, security, and completion of a work order package with associated PDFs.

PSPDFKit provides TAShelix users with the following capabilities.

Viewing and Markup

  • An easy-to-use, tabbed, organized document structure

  • Use of a stylus to mark up, annotate, and draw on documents

  • A “scratch pad” for digital note taking

  • Adding photos, video, and recordings

  • Capturing digital signatures

  • Appending, reviewing, and bundling completed packages


  • Access control

  • Security-based roles and rules

  • Changing tracking with security

  • Locking down documents when completed for records retention

Offline Capabilities

  • Connected or disconnected mode

  • Synchronizing when back in service

In addition, PSPDFKit provides user permissions and controls that ensure only authorized users can alter and mark up documents. The app also captures editing and markup history, showing which users did what, which allows for full accountability to be established.

Documents can be downloaded and used in offline mode, which is particularly useful on huge build sites. Once a document is downloaded, all changes are tracked and saved, ensuring there’s no data loss.

Additionally, the app continuously checks if an internet connection is available, and as soon as a device is connected to the internet, it syncs all the data to ensure everyone on a project is aligned.

PSPDFKit - Trinoor Demo

The Results

“PSPDFKit is easy to work with. Their pricing is reasonable. We love them.”

Maggie Berg
— Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Trinoor

According to Berg, the TAShelix application enhanced with PSPDFKit’s product is a gamechanger in the energy and utilities industry. “This is part of Trinoor’s standard product line,” she said. “It’s the crown jewel of our product solutions. This is a game-changing industry offering that we’re providing, with PSPDFKit elements embedded in it.”

PSPDFKit has proven to be a reliable document workflow partner for Trinoor in a compliance-heavy industry where mistakes can be devastating. “In the nuclear industry, quality and safety come first,” Berg added. “Therefore, our IT solutions must deliver without fail to ensure the safety of the worker and the environment.”

In addition, PSPDFKit’s technology was an asset in Trinoor being able to deploy its application quickly and efficiently for such a complex project.

“TAShelix with PSPDFKit is the industry game-changing solution to drive digitalization with mobile solutions in the nuclear market,” Berg said.

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