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PSPDFKit 3 for Flutter Adds TIFF Image Documents

Illustration: PSPDFKit 3 for Flutter Adds TIFF Image Documents

With the release of PSPDFKit 3 for Flutter, we’re proud to announce an important set of changes that solidify the experience for one of our most-loved libraries with a new shiny documentation section and an improved Getting Started page.

Among the other changes, we introduced the ability to open TIFF images as image documents, migrated the Flutter APIs to Android embedding v2, and implemented a new setLicenseKeys method that accepts both Android and iOS license keys.

Support for TIFF Image Documents

PSPDFKit 3 for Flutter now supports TIFF images with .tiff or .tif extensions and will transparently open them as image documents when calling Pspdfkit.present(document). This new feature will automatically be available for all our customers with the Image Documents license, and it’s supported by both the Android and iOS platforms.

New Android Embedding V2

The migration performed for the new Android embedding v2 is explained step by step in the official Flutter documentation.

With the refactoring due to the migration to the new Flutter APIs for Android, we also took the opportunity to introduce the ActivityAware interface, an easier integration for the Flutter engine, and a more robust implementation that handles the Flutter plugin bindings.

A Convenient setLicenseKeys Method That Accepts Both Android and iOS License Keys

With the new setLicenseKeys method, someone can now initialize PSPDFKit using two license keys: one for Android and one for iOS.

Depending on the use case, it’s now possible via calling the following before using any other PSPDFKit APIs or features:


To purchase a license for production use, please reach out to us on sales.

And More!

With this third major release, PSPDFKit for Flutter aims to bring users easier integration, with improved documentation and a detailed Getting Started section. To learn more about migrating from a previous version of PSPDFKit for Flutter, please refer to the PSPDFKit 3 Migration Guide.

Other Notable Improvements

Some other improvements we made include:

  • Compatibility with the latest Android and iOS dependencies.

  • Updated support for iOS 15 and Xcode 13.

  • Switching to mavenCentral(), as jcenter() is a repository that’s no longer maintained.

  • Removal of Pedantic, a deprecated dependency for static analysis, in favor of flutter_lints package.

  • Removal of path_provider package, in favor of a custom in-house implementation of the getTemporaryDirectory API.

  • Updated Flutter examples.

For the full list of improvements, please refer to the Flutter changelog.

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