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PSPDFKit 1.9 for Windows

Today we’re shipping PSPDFKit 1.9 for Windows. This release features new properties for annotations, XFDF support, data providers for abstracting the source and destination of PDF data, the ability to disable copying of PDF text to the clipboard, smooth drawing, and more.

Please refer to our PSPDFKit 1.9 for Windows changelog for a complete list of changes in this release.

New Annotation Properties

new annotation properties

With this release, the IAnnotation interface gains the following new properties:

Property Description
CreatedAt The date of the annotation creation.
CreatorName An arbitrary string.
Name A property that may be used to identify the annotation.
NoView Prevents the annotation from being rendered in the view.
UpdatedAt The date the annotation was last updated.

Click on the linked documentation for detailed descriptions of each property.

XFDF Support

xfdf support

XFDF is an XML-like standard from Adobe for encoding annotations and form field values (see this XFDF overview). It’s compatible with Adobe Acrobat and several other third-party frameworks.

PSPDFKit for Windows now supports both reading and writing XFDF. Read more in the XFDF support guide.

Data Providers

data providers

A data provider allows you to define how to read and write data, giving you the freedom to store your data in the exact way you need it — for example, loading PDF documents from arbitrary sources like cloud hosts, device RAM, content providers, and others. This is especially helpful if you want to support your own encryption or compression scheme.

In addition to loading documents using a StorageFile, Uri, or IBuffer, PSPDFKit can load documents using an implementation of IDataProvider. IDataProvider defines a common interface for PSPDFKit to load from.

For write support, the IDataSink interface is provided.

An example demonstrating how to implement these interfaces is provided in the Catalog app supplied with the SDK.

Preventing Text Copy

prevent text copy

When copying of text is prevented, it’s still possible to select text for the purposes of annotating, but copying to the clipboard using either the shortcut or a context menu will have no effect.

Smooth Drawing

Our previous drawing implementation connected the drawing points with straight lines. This worked well, but sometimes you can spot edges in the drawing, which doesn’t look natural. Fortunately, we can get a better result by fitting curves between the points to get smooth line drawings. This will result in a much better drawing experience for your users.

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