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PSPDFKit 1.1 for Windows

Illustration: PSPDFKit 1.1 for Windows

Today we’re shipping PSPDFKit 1.1 for Windows — a refactor, feature, and optimization release. The highlights of this release are an improved API layout and standardized naming conventions. It also contains new features for working with selected annotations, extracting the text behind markup annotations, and more optimizations. This blog post is just a preview of the biggest changes in PSPDFKit 1.1 for Windows. Please refer to our PSPDFKit 1.1 for Windows changelog for a complete list.

API Refactor

Following the release of PSPDFKit 1.0 for Windows, we’ve learned a lot about how our partners are using it and what expectations they have for the API. With PSPDFKit 1.1, we renamed many of the classes, methods, and namespaces to make them more obvious and to better follow the Microsoft guidelines.

Additionally, the organization of the namespaces has been improved to communicate the purpose and relationship of the various parts of the SDK more clearly.

For those of you using a previous version, please consult our PSPDFKit 1.1 Migration Guide for details on how to upgrade to this version.

Selected Annotations

For getting and setting a selected annotation, there are now two new methods:

  • PSPDFKit.UI.Controller.SetSelectedAnnotationAsync

  • PSPDFKit.UI.Controller.GetSelectedAnnotationAsync

To be notified whenever a selection changes, add a handler to the PSPDFKit.UI.Controller.OnAnnotationSelectionChanged event.

Markup Annotation Text

For retrieving the text behind a markup annotation, we now provide the method PSPDFKit.Document.GetMarkupAnnotationTextAsync.

For a complete list of changes for this release, read our PSPDFKit 1.1 for Windows changelog.

The PSPDFKit for Windows UI is powered by PSPDFKit for Web. See here for further details about PSPDFKit for Web 2018.2.

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