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PSPDFKit 2.2 for Android

Our newest release of PSPDFKit 2.2 for Android comes with many improvements on annotation editing, search and the public API. We’ve gone ahead and outlined a few of the new features for both you and your users can enjoy. As always, you can find find the list of all changes in our changelog for version 2.2.

Multi-Page Editing

When in continuous scrolling mode, you can now create and edit annotations on all visible pages and fluently switch between editing tools, creating a very natural experience.

Annotation editing across multiple pages

Free Text Annotation Modes

The free text annotation now differentiates between editing mode and writing mode. Selecting the annotation will start the editing mode, which allows dragging and resizing of the annotation. Tapping the annotation a second time will enter a fully fledged writing mode, allowing text selection, copy & pasting, and many more features that Android users would expect from text inputs.

New free text annotation writing mode

Here are some more annotation editing highlights:

  • You can now open the note annotation editor by simply double-tapping a previously selected note annotation.

  • Automatically hides the soft keyboard once the free text annotation is deselected.

  • If annotation editing is disabled, touching an existing text markup annotations won’t bring up the editing toolbar anymore – just as your users would expect.

Better search integration

We’ve looked into improving how to enter and exit search. With the new improvements, you can now start a search from the selected text – useful if you want to search for further occurrences of the selected text. Also the inline search now has a Material design back arrow, which makes dismissing search even simpler.

Search from selection / Close inline search

New Password Screen

The password screen that is shown when opening password protected documents has received a fresh design - goodbye mediocrity!

New password screen

More Document Loading Options

We’re adding [PSPDFKit#openDocumentFromSource](, com.pspdfkit.document.providers.DataProvider)) which allows you to synchronously load a PSPDFDocument – which is especially useful in Xamarin projects where asynchronous calls are not possible.

final DataProvider source = new AssetDataProvider("files/marketing-material.pdf");
final PSPDFDocument document = PSPDFKit.openDocumentFromSource(source, configuration);

Details, Details, Details

The real fun when using PSPDFKit comes from the many details and improvements that are added with every new version – with version 2.2 being no exception:

  • The page number indicator (on the bottom of the viewer) will now fade in together with the system UI which makes finding the current page number a breeze. Page number indicator fades in with UI

  • The quality of rendered pages while zooming has vastly improved.

  • We have improved coordination of the outline view, the search view, and the annotation editing mode, which are now mutually exclusive.

  • Since using an API in your IDE should be fun as well version 2.2 reintroduces named method parameters on all public API methods.

  • The PSPDFFragment now supports nesting inside other fragments.

  • This release fixed the curious case of premultiplied alpha in Android which you can read about in a separate blogpost and which is also featured in this week’s issue of Android Weekly

If you’d like to explore all the improvements we made in this release, have a look at our full list of changes in PSPDFKit 2.2 for Android.

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