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PSPDFKit 1.3 for Android

With version 1.3 for Android, we continue to iterate, while also preparing for the big v2 update that will include annotation editing later in September.

Improved Scrolling

Scrolling logic has been completely revamped internally, featuring a greatly improved UI and paving the way for future customizability. The most noticeable difference is the improved continuous scroll mode — pages are now aligned side by side and handled as a whole, meaning you can scroll pages while they are zoomed or see multiple pages at once.

Improved scrolling

More Fluid Text Selection

Text selection is now much more fluid – the user can pan and zoom the page while selecting text.

More Fluid Text Selection

Content Providers

PSPDFKit can now open content provider URIs directly without copying files to the internal cache. isOpenableUri will now return true for all URIs that can be opened. We also added a new section in our catalog example to demonstrate that. There’s also a new AssetDataProvider to allow opening of PDF documents from APK assets directly.

Improved Error Handling

We’ve fixed many edge cases related to devices, PDF rendering and invalid files. Overall stability has been improved, and we properly indicate if a PDF file cannot be parsed. We also added several useful log messages for common developer issues so you’ll be able to integrate the SDK faster.


We’ve added initial support for the most commonly used annotation types: FreeTextAnnotation, UnderlineAnnotation, SquigglyAnnotation, StrikeoutAnnotation, HighlightAnnotation, and InkAnnotation. These are still read-only while we’re working hard on building an editing interface for v2.

The Little Things

We added localizations for Finnish and Greek and we’ve made things more flexible overall. It’s now possible to use PSPDFKitThumbnailBar inside a custom activity as well. Check out the changelog for all the gory details.

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